HUMMUS radish and edamame relish, seed crackers $185

 CHURROS salmon and shrimp powder, cheddar cheese and jalapeño sauce  $160

  SCALLOP HAND ROLL  marinated in yuzu, marinated Japanese rice, wrapped in nori seaweed  2 pieces  $240

FRESH “CHOCOLATA” CLAMS with sangrita, from Baja California  2 pieces  $160

GRILLED ARTICHOKE with Cesar dressing and parmesan cheese  $265

 SERRANO HAM CROQUETTES roasted garlic alioli  $190

TUNA TOSTADAS  fresh Baja California tuna, burnt tortilla alioli, hoja santa and ponzu relish, avocado   $280

SLOW- COOKED PORK BELLY TACO pasilla sauce, avocado and cilantro   $130

  GRILLED SHRIMP TACO serrano ham chips, avocado puree, blue corn tortilla   $130

REBORN MUSHROOMS confit cremini mushroom, mushroom puree, mushroom jus, mushroom paper and powder   $260


TORTILLA SOUP fresh cheese, avocado, ancho chili, crispy pork belly  $180

 ASPARAGUS SOUP with Saratoga potatoes and green asparagus   $180

 ASPARAGUS WITH ROMANESCO SAUCE  grana padano parmesan cheese, yellow lemon  $240

 GREEN SALAD French lettuce and arugula mix, fennel and poppy seed vinaigrette   $160

QUINOA SALAD baby arugula, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and citrics vinaigrette   $195


GRILLED CHEESE, brioche bread with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and tomatoe soup   $225

ORGANIC CHICKEN dijon, garlic alioli, mix of cheeses $235

SERRANO  dijion, garlic alioli, mix of cheeses serrano ham, tomato, arugula, roasted garlic alioli, mix go cheeses   $255

HOUSE CURED SALMON open faced sandwich with avocado, cucumber and labneh   $290


                                        SPICY POKE BOWL fresh tuna or salmon, marinated in ponzu and sriracha alioli over Japanese rice   $375

MARINATED SHRIMP four jumbo shrimp marinated in garlic parsley butter and paprika, roasted baby potatoes. $410

GRILLED SALMON  four jumbo shrimp marinated in garlic parsley butter and paprika, roasted baby potatoes  $410

BUTTERNUT SQUASH roasted over pea puree, roasted celery root, fennel salad  $280

1/2 ROASTED CHICKEN accompanied by french fries and chicken demiglace   $420

LASAGNA BOLOGNESE roasted tomato sauce  $295

PORK RIB EYE MILANESE  fig compote, mango, tamarillo and avocado  $330

RIB EYE HAMBURGER, truffled French fries  $385

 STEAK AND FRIES, New York angus steak with beer sauce, truffled French fries   $570



BAO  pistachio cream, pistachio ice cream and cardamom  $230 

YUKU BITES yuzu cheesecake ice cream sandwich, flamed meringue   $145

 CHUNKY MONKEY, bread pudding, dulce de leche and liquid almond toffee   $160

PEAR AND RASBERRY TART prosecco sorbet $185